MFW: Versace Autumn/Winter 2016 Collection

Donatella Versace takes us on a journey to the future of menswear.


Donatella Versace named astrology and the future of menswear as inspiration for her latest Autumn/Winter 2016 collection at the eponymous Italian powerhouse, Versace. Presented in a futuristic colour box, the show space gave attendees a taste of what was to come before models even touched the catwalk.

In typical Versace fashion, slim fitted trousers (and leggings) were complimented by mohair roll necks, leather jackets, tracksuits and light tailoring to name a few; a delicate selection of lilacs, pasted blue and neutral tones were juxtaposed with harsh, loud, heavy metallics with a dash of fur here and there for that quintessential Versace flair.

In the Autumn/Winter 2015 issue of GQ style, Donatella spoke to Alexander Fury about her current predilection towards her menswear collections – and it shows. A well rounded collection with a perfect harmony of wardrobe staples and statement pieces to please all divisions of the steadily growing Versace man clan.

Take a look at all the images from the show below.





_VER0190_426x639 _VER0208_426x639 _VER0220_426x639

_VER0236_426x639 _VER0250_426x639 _VER0272_426x639 _VER0286_426x639

_VER0298_426x639 _VER0314_426x639 _VER0330_426x639 _VER0354_426x639

_VER0380_426x639 _VER0396_426x639 _VER0414_426x639 _VER0434_426x639

_VER0446_426x639 _VER0462_426x639 _VER0480_426x639 _VER0496_426x639

_VER0518_426x639 _VER0542_426x639 _VER0562_426x639 _VER0594_426x639

_VER0620_426x639 _VER0638_426x639 _VER0660_426x639 _VER0684_426x639

_VER0704_426x639 _VER0730_426x639 _VER0746_426x639 _VER0768_426x639

_VER0794_426x639 _VER0816_426x639 _VER0840_426x639 _VER0866_426x639

_VER0886_426x639 _VER0906_426x639 _VER0924_426x639 _VER0944_426x639

_VER0966_426x639 _VER0996_426x639 _VER0980_426x639 _VER1016_426x639

_VER1030_426x639 _VER1048_426x639 _VER1072_426x639 _VER1084_426x639

_VER1096_426x639 _VER1118_426x639 _VER1140_426x639 _VER1166_426x639

_VER1166_426x639 _VER1180_426x639 _VER1202_426x639 _VER1222_426x639

_VER1240_426x639 _VER1276_426x639 _VER1360_426x639 _VER1371_426x639_VER1392_426x639 _VER1412_426x639 _VER1476_426x639 _VER1570_426x639

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