MFW: Vivienne Westwood Autumn/Winter 16 Collection

See the full Autumn/Winter 2016 Collection for Calvin Klein which showcased at Milan Fashion Week 2016:

KIM_0019 KIM_0031 KIM_0047 KIM_0059

KIM_0075 KIM_0089 KIM_0105 KIM_0121

KIM_0131 KIM_0149 KIM_0163 KIM_0175

KIM_0193 KIM_0201

KIM_0237 KIM_0255 KIM_0269 KIM_0287

KIM_0301 KIM_0315 KIM_0341 KIM_0359

KIM_0377 KIM_0395 KIM_0415 KIM_0431


KIM_0471 KIM_0491 KIM_0509 KIM_0527

KIM_0547 KIM_0567 KIM_0585 KIM_0605

KIM_0621 KIM_0641

KIM_0665 KIM_0679 KIM_0701 KIM_0717

KIM_0735 KIM_0763

Vivienne Westwood decided to approach her collection in true Westwood fashion. 


This meant the inclusion of plenty of, somewhat surprisingly unsurprising, penises. She designed three penis necklaces, in gold, rose gold and silver, to complete her runway looks. The collection, titled ‘Be Specific’, offered a subtle tribute to the late David bowie, and models bore eye shadow in shades of blue and green, and even walked to the genius’ ‘Starman’ to close the show. The line saw Westwood do what she does (second – after fashion of course) best and that is aid the fight against climate change, greedy politicians and wrongdoing. The show notes saw Dame Viv scrawl ‘Who do our politicians think they are?’ in true form to her cherished outbursts.

In an overt display of androgyny, the MAN AW16 collection sees black silk gowns juxtaposed against mini skirts, 4-inch platform creepers and ruched dresses. Wedges sat alongside high-heeled brogues, dress-clad-models cemented Westwood as a leading activist, anti- establishmentarian and general do-gooder. She was not afraid to place her male models in clothing inspired by womenswear, just as she is not afraid to speak her mind on the actions of our country’s leaders. She proposed gender boundary breaking designs and they are very appealing, using the body as a microcosm and grounds to dismiss widespread political decisions. Tartan, heavy knitwear, vibrant patterns and outlandish colour were all in typical Vivienne fashion, something we have no shame in admitting we love. Here here Viv!

_VIV0019 _VIV0032 _VIV0045

_VIV0058 _VIV0073 _VIV0091 _VIV0104


_VIV0119 _VIV0132 _VIV0148 _VIV0165

_VIV0180 _VIV0199


_VIV0216 _VIV0227 _VIV0256 _VIV0272

_VIV0284 _VIV0300 _VIV0313 _VIV0331

_VIV0347 _VIV0364 _VIV0380 _VIV0395


_VIV0440 _VIV0459 _VIV0474 _VIV0491

_VIV0518 _VIV0534 _VIV0547 _VIV0558

_VIV0592 _VIV0610 _VIV0635 _VIV0691

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