PFW: Maison Margiela Autumn/Winter 2016 Collection

See the full Autumn/Winter 2016 Collection for Maison Margiela which showcased at Paris Fashion Week.

Review to follow.

KIM_0028 KIM_0055 KIM_0040KIM_0075 KIM_0103 KIM_0082KIM_0122 KIM_0131KIM_0139 KIM_0172 KIM_0156KIM_0179 KIM_0200KIM_0213 KIM_0242 KIM_0218KIM_0251 KIM_0268KIM_0281 KIM_0312 KIM_0299KIM_0331 KIM_0347KIM_0357 KIM_0394 KIM_0371KIM_0405 KIM_0423KIM_0434 KIM_0456 KIM_0449KIM_0476 KIM_0501

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