PAUSE Gifs: 14 signs that you need new clothes

By March 22, 2016Fashion News

Admit it: it’s the first thing you think about in the morning and the last piece on your mind before going to bed. You’re an addict to new clothes. And you need help. We mean, you need them. Here are the few signs which show that you need new clothes, right now:

1 – You’re so over your current collection of clothes.

2 – You have no idea how to sort out this situation.

3 – Or worse, you can’t even look at your wardrobe anymore.

4 – You can’t spend a day without visiting the Dover Street Market online boutique.

5 – Or the Opening Ceremony website, for what it’s worth.

6 – That new jacket would offer thousands of style opportunities.

7 – And this new shirt would look very, very good on you.

8 – You can’t remember when was the last time you purchased an item.

9 – Actually, you can, but it hurts just to think about it.

10 – So, you start to list reasons why you need new clothes.

11 – Reason n°1: Spring is now here (yay)!

12 – Reason n°2: … Spring is now here.

13 – Your brain has no space for “work” “love” or “life”. It’s just about new clothes.

14 – Now, go. Pick your credit card and fill up that cart.

Make room for your new clothes.


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