Crap Eyewear Spring 2016 Collection

By March 5, 2016Fashion News

Get your sunshine prep on. 


‘This season welcomes a strong assortment of new frame shapes from Los Angeles based brand Crap Eyewear. Pairing theier aesthetic with reverence and respect for the classics with a modern sensibility geared for everyday wear by its California friends; skaters, models, rockers, surfers, geeks, stoners and all the homies in between. Crap Eyewear takes inspiration from decades of beach and rock & roll culture. The spring palette is planted in the 70s, featuring two-tone color combos and subtle pastels, and each new frame takes on its own unique story.
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Crap_Eyewear-2016_Spring-Skate_Family Crap_Eyewear-2016_Spring-The_Tuff_Safari-Brushed_Gold_Polarized-Jared_Mell Crap_Eyewear-2016_Spring-The_Tuff_Safari-Brushed_Silver-Courtney_Coll Crap_Eyewear-2016_Spring-The_Wild_Gift-Semitransluscent_Cotton_Candy-Courtney_CollCrap_Eyewear-The_Tuff_Patrol-Brushed_Rose_Gold_Wire_Matte_White_Tips-Rose_Gold_Mirror_Lens-package1 Crap_Eyewear-The_TV_Eye-Semitranslucent_White_Glitter_and_Sky_Blue-Blue_Gradient-front Crap_Eyewear-The_Tuff_Safari-Brushed_Gold_Wire_Crystal_Clear_Tips-Zero_Base_Polarized_Grey_Lens-front

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