Yeezy Season 3 Showroom Photos at PFW

By March 6, 2016Fashion News

A closer look into Yeezy Season 3.


After showing the world his collection at New York Fashion Week, Kanye West took Paris Fashion Week to give buyers a closer look into Yeezy Season 3. The showroom gave buyers a chance to see the full collection up close and share detailed photos of the pieces within the collection.

See all below:

yeezy-season-3-showroom-1 yeezy-season-3-showroom-4 yeezy-season-3-showroom-3 yeezy-season-3-showroom-5 yeezy-season-3-showroom-8 yeezy-season-3-showroom-7 yeezy-season-3-showroom-06yeezy-season-3-showroom-9 yeezy-season-3-showroom-12 yeezy-season-3-showroom-11 yeezy-season-3-showroom-10yeezy-season-3-showroom-12a yeezy-season-3-showroom-15 yeezy-season-3-showroom-14 yeezy-season-3-showroom-13yeezy-season-3-showroom-16 yeezy-season-3-showroom-19 yeezy-season-3-showroom-18 yeezy-season-3-showroom-17

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