Aldo release new Alalisien Inspired Yeezy Boost 750

I think we can all see where Aldo go their inspiration for these ones… 


Aldo have just released a new sneaker called the Alalisien. Available in two colours, black and grey, these new age sneakers look a lot like the Adidas Yeezy Boost 750s, but cost a lot less at just £85.

Comparing the two styles side by side, we think that on this occasion Aldo did quite well at imitating the Yeezy’s; Alalisiens aren’t an exact copy but the Yeezy style and look is definitely evident. Before you buy, it’s worth considering the quality and durability of the fabric compared to the originals, in any case – obtaining the originals will require some black ops stealth shopping training which even we are yet to qualify.

Some sneaker addicts are fine with wearing copies, if you can’t get the holy grail then the next best thing will have to do – first world problems.

Pick up your pair today here.



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