Uniqlo does Pop Art in NYC

Uniqlo love a graphic Tee.


Their latest inspiration is not the most original, but the results sure look good. Pop artists, Basqiuat, Andy Warhol and Keith Haring’s iconic works are emblazoned across the range, which supplements the Japanese retailer’s UT SPRZ NY collection, exclusive to its 5th Avenue flagship store in Manhattan.

uniqlo-pop-art-andy-warhol-keith-haring-basquiat-2 uniqlo-pop-art-andy-warhol-keith-haring-basquiat-7 uniqlo-pop-art-andy-warhol-keith-haring-basquiat-5 uniqlo-pop-art-andy-warhol-keith-haring-basquiat-4 uniqlo-pop-art-andy-warhol-keith-haring-basquiat-3


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