GEOX Release Sustainable Footwear Called NEW:DO™


GEOX is famously known for the “breathing” shoe but their latest release looks at sustainability. Their mission is to reduce impact on the environment by producing beautiful, healthy and safe products. GEOX’s latest release called the NEW:DO™ was born of a true stylistic and manufacturing revolution. From its initial design to the materials used, nothing has been left to chance and each single detail has been thought out to optimise and guarantee product sustainability, marking a deep-seated and beneficial change from every possible point of view.

The NEW:DO™ design is introduced in two models with six colour variations as part of the SS16 collection. Clearly, there was a preference for natural materials: the leather was sourced from an ICEC-certified tannery which applies the highest manufacturing standards and the shoe upper is made from tanned leather crafted with an ingenious method to ensure a metal-free manufacturing process. Even the upper has been treated with natural waxes and crafted with a Strobel technique, meaning that each piece has been rapidly stitched with a low consumption of adhesive.

GEOX  even sourced raw materials from places which are geographically close to their production site, so that transportation is kept to an absolute minimum. The sole has also been made from natural rubber using an extract of botanic origin taken from the Hevea tree which is 100% recyclable and reusable.

Mario Moretti Polegato, Chairman and Founder of GEOX says “Our shoes have been designed to make people’s lives better and to work with them at each step of their life experience and wherever they are headed. To let them breathe with unique products which are in a league of their own in terms of essence and outward appearance, bringing together style, quality and comfort in a superb product. This is why we are so proud of NEW:DO®, an superlative symbol of the fusion between Sustainable Innovation and Geox’s Contemporary Design.”

The NEW:DO™ line: is available now at Geox Shops and on their online store

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