12 Times Naomi Campbell Was Just Like You

Ever since she started to strike a pose and walk amongst the biggest runways of the world, Naomi Campbell came across our lives, making a mark on everyone’s mind. We at PAUSE decided to crown the queen of podiums again (just because), by illustrating our common fashion situations with Naomi’s breathtaking gaze and best clapbacks. You’re definitely not ready.

1 – When the last pair of sneakers was snatched right from under your nose.

2 – When they told you they “didn’t have it in black, sorry”

3 – Or when they told you the bomber jacket was sold out. In every store. 

4 – Before entering your credit card details.

5 – And after your payment has successfully gone through.

6 – You, supporting and giving advice to your entourage.

7 – Going public with your new lit outfit.

8 – And when someone you like complimented your outfit.

9 – Checking yourself in the mirror before going out…

10  – …and entering the party with your best friend.

11 – You & your best friend when people make fun of you, then copy your outfits.

12 – And they’re not even close to looking like you.

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