LCM: Boy by Boy Spring/Summer 2017 Presentation

BOY London celebrate their 40th anniversary through their new line.

In the midst of punk’s 40 year anniversary, the brand BOY London appear to celebrate a similar milestone within their LCM showcase. Their newest line, an unbranded premium collection, was dubbed ‘BOY By BOY’ and strives to pay tribute to the legacies of both BOY London and Britain’s signature punk scene. 

The collection, prompted by the advances in modern technology and, as a result, the increasing ‘spying’ ability of today’s intrusive Government is divided into four main categories: Ground Force, Military, Tech and Leaders. BOY By BOY aims to protect its wearer from such privacy infiltration and incorporates code, print and ‘drone blocking linings’ within its garments.

See the full Boy by Boy Spring/Summer 2017 Presentation which showcased at London Collections: Men below:

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