LCM: Mihara Yasuhiro Spring/Summer 2017 Collection

The Japanese designer’s Spring ’17 collection revisits the rebels of American youth culture: rock’n’rollers, greasers, and the high school quarterback.


These pinnacles of American style are so solid that you would think that there is little room for remodelling, however Yasuhiro makes it work. It’s interesting to see how American style fares under a recognisably Japanese influence: Yasuhiro has sent out billowy pants in plaid that could be mistaken for a hakama at first glance.

Yasuhiro has adopted American proportions along with their iconic styles, the collection sports gargantuan plastic zippers and elongated oily bowling shirts. Splicing two different shirts together gives Yasuhiro’s collection a ‘mend and make do’ effect, it helps that the clothing looks like it’s been kicking around in a vintage outlet before it’s new life on the catwalk.

Yasuhiro still kept in tune with trends seen on many men’s catwalks of late: layering and boy scout neckerchiefs for that all All American appeal.


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