LCM: Wales Bonner Spring/Summer 2017 Collection

Pioneered by support from Swarovski, Wales Bonner presents ‘Ezekiel.’

The latest offering from South East Londoner Grace Wales Bonner showcases an eclectic fusion of African and Caribbean inspired menswear. Initially, the collection appeared relatively understated – focusing on a monochromatic aesthetic as it slowly infused a subtle host of cultural detailing. As the runway progressed, what started off as a relaxed white suit was soon infiltrated by striped collars, ashy burnt reds and intricate beading and embellishment. 

Jackets transitioned from conventional to cape whilst the metamorphosis from traditional British menswear to an African and Caribbean take became immediately evident. Craft work was incredibly sustained and refined, not garish or ostentatious and retained a true element of East-African influence.

See the full Wales Bonner Spring/Summer 2017 Collection which showcased at London Collections: Men below:

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