LCM: YMC Spring/Summer 2017 Collection

YMC bring African culture to LCM.

Fraser Moss and Jimmy Collins make up the design collective, You Must Create, who showcased at this season’s LCM on Saturday 11th June. Constantly striving to incorporate the best in Britain’s diverse culture, YMC present the ‘Okoro’ collection, celebrating African art originating from the 60’s right through till the 80’s. Propelled by the intense photography of Malick Sidibe, ‘Okoro’ provides a true representation of today’s fusion of British African culture.

The collection consists of intricate beading, a garishly bright colour palette of vibrant reds and burnt oranges and an amalgamation of textiles ranging from edgy suedes to crumpled plaid and floral infested jacquard. ‘Okoro’ showcases a collaboration with a Botswania born artist Ann Gollifer, through a range of graphic t-shirts featuring her ‘Mother Tongue’ artwork. 

See the full YMC Spring/Summer 2017 Collection which showcased at London Collections: Men below:

IMG_8036  IMG_8061 IMG_8065 IMG_8085 IMG_8088 IMG_8109 IMG_8141 IMG_8147 IMG_8310 IMG_8311 IMG_8313 IMG_8314 IMG_8315 IMG_8316 IMG_8317 IMG_8318 IMG_8319 IMG_8322 IMG_8323 IMG_8324 IMG_8325 IMG_8376 IMG_8389

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