PAUSE LCM: Meet Guest Contributor Leo Mandella

By June 10, 2016Interviews, Models

13 year old Leo Mandella will be our Guest Contributor at London Collections Men SS17

Leo wear Givenchy Tee @ Harvey Nichols

Leo wear Givenchy Tee @ Harvey Nichols

Creative Direction, Photography & Styling: Terence Sambo
Fashion Assistant: Marvin Albert
Collage: Patrick Waugh of Boyo Studio for PAUSE
Leo Mandella is one of London’s most notorious cool kids under the age of 15. His rise to prominence from London Fashion week only a few months ago put the young opinionated and certainly stylish opinion former on everyone’s radar. For London Collections: Men he will be returning to duty but this time as guest contributor for PAUSE magazine. We caught up with him to discuss his plans for the weekend.

Leo wears Raf Simons Denim Shirt @ Harvey Nichols

Leo wears Raf Simons Denim Shirt @ Harvey Nichols

What shows are you looking forward to at LCM?

I’m most looking forward to Nasir Mazhar’s show probably, just because he’s one of the designers I can relate to and his pieces are really nice. Also, his styling is always crazy so I’m excited to see what he does this time.

 Leo Mandella by Terence Sambo (1)
Who are your favourite London based designers at the moment?

Hmmmh, I’m not really sure. I like Burberry! I think (a bit like nasir) the pieces are mad, but definitely really cool. I like the shirts and the pattern full scarves and jackets. 

Leo wears Versace tee and belt @ Harvey Nichols

Leo wears Versace tee and belt @ Harvey Nichols

What influence in your opinion has LCM had on youth culture in the UK?

I think LCM has had an influence on youth culture, but to an extent. I think the vast amount of styles and clothes there definitely allow youth culture to see a different side to fashion which may or may not influence them.

 Leo Mandella by Terence Sambo (6)
What should we expect from your coverage of the shows via PAUSE Magazines social media?

You should expect honesty, a laugh and definitely some detailed feedback about what I thought. It’s gonna be good!

P.S: Follow his updates this weekend on our Twitter, Snapchat & Instagram.

Leo Mandella by Terence Sambo

Leo wear HBA tee @ Harvey Nichols, Supreme briefs & Dickies trousers

All photos shot on iPhone 6

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