Big Sean Celebrates The 4th of July in a Stars and Stripes Parka from C2H4

Despite being on tour in Sweden, the 28-year-old rapper didn’t let the distance stop him from repping his home country.

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Big Sean posted a snap of him and his Twenty88 counterpart, Jhene Aiko, sporting a C2H4 Los Angeles 3M American Flag Fishtail Parka that could not be more appropriate for the 4th of July if it tried. To complete his tribute to the states ensemble, he paired the signature parka with a white baseball cap and white jeans to ensure our full attention lingers on the stars and stripes on his back. His patriotism is contagious – even the PAUSE team have got their eye on that C2H4 parka (available here).2_4bbfbc6c-9c71-4e65-84fd-6224342fc2f1_1024x1024



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