NYFWM: Ovadia & Sons Spring/Summer 2017 Collection

See the full Ovadia & Sons Spring/Summer 2017 Collection which showcased at New York Fashion Week Men below:


The twin brothers behind Ovadia & Sons, Shimon and Ariel take inspiration from every corner for their SS27 collection. The brothers explained that their inspiration came from military wear, hippy culture, Rastas and NYC street style, when you put it that way, it sounds messy, but Ovadia & Sons have made it work and created a series looks that are simultaneously chilled and rebellious. The collection includes silken bomber jackets in pink, green and orange, military jackets, camo print trousers, artfully torn tie-dye knitwear and t-shirts sporting graphics in Rasta red, yellow and green. Ovadia & Sons have created some solid streetwear looks with this collision of styles.

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