NYFWM: Cadet Spring/Summer 2017 Collection

An almost entirely-linen based collection for Cadet SS17.


In terms of fabrics, it appears that Army-inspired brand Cadet have got Spring/Summer completely down. Born in Mexico City, the now Brooklyn-based designers have curated an effortlessly chic SS17 offering, inspired by the silhouettes and aesthetics of the US Military.

The collection is made up of linen-esque jumpsuits and slogan-print sweatshirts, paired with loose fitting shorts and casual, lightweight bomber jackets, making the silhouettes of SS17 appear more relaxed than ever before. It features a few hints of graphic prints and co-ord ensembles, however retains a fairly utilitarian approach, focusing on comfort and summer style through cut out sleeves and skinny trousers paired with iridescent shirts and elements of Latin emblazoned upon some signature pieces.

See the full Cadet Spring/Summer 2017 Collection which showcased at New York Fashion Week Men below:

_AN_8065 _AN_8095 _AN_8116 _AN_8148 _AN_8187 _AN_8209 _AN_8243 _AN_8263 _AN_8302 _AN_8319 _AN_8359 _AN_8391 _AN_8445 _AN_8478 _AN_8511 _AN_8552 _AN_8596 _AN_8612 _AN_8653 _AN_8690 _AN_8715 _AN_8760 _AN_8802 _AN_8819 _AN_8855 _AN_8899 _AN_8938 _AN_8972 _AN_9002 _AN_9050 _AN_9072 _AN_9111 _AN_9139

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