10 Times Jaden Smith Was Just Like You

By August 8, 2016Features

Channel your inner Jaden Smith

Hip hop artist, actor, gender-fluid figure, clothing line creator, philosopher in his spare time: Jaden Smith no longer needs an introduction for our PAUSE readers. A fashion icon as well, the young star – now aged 18 – has been shining ever since his breakout alongside father Will Smith in The Pursuit of Happyness in 2006. We at PAUSE decided to channel our inner Jaden Smith (@christiaingrey on Instagram) and came up with the 10 times we all shared the exact same reactions.

1 – You and your modesty, when someone compliments your outfit

2 – When two of your favourite brands announce a capsule collection collaboration 

3 – You and your best friend, listening to your pre-party jams

4 – When you’re still hitting the dance floor, at

5 – When you’re looking for your friends in the club

6 – When you’re about to pass out but the party’s still lit

7 – When you’re lost in deep thoughts

8 – When you leave the office on Friday

9 – When your crush is near and you can’t help but show off

10 – When someone you hate is getting roast in front of you

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