Adidas x Raf Simons Fall/Winter 2016 Footwear Collection

Here are the new Raf Simons x Adidas.


17 pairs of new shoes will be released for the Raf Simons and adidas Fall/Winter 2016 campaign. The collection, that includes the Matrix Spirit as well as the now famous Stan Smith, features an eclectic array of colours. From the velcro straps to the perforated “R”, from the high-tops to the low-tops, the Fall/Winter 2016 Collection will please every sneakers aficionados.

Simons, now the chief creative officer of fashion house Calvin Klein – for an annual salary of $18 million a year – will indeed have his eyes on both designs, maintaining his minimalist signature on the collections. The 17 pairs will be sold for a price range of $330 – $415 USD (approximately £250 to £315). Stay tuned for the release date.

Check the photos below:


raf-simons-adidas-2016-fall-winter-collection-17 raf-simons-adidas-2016-fall-winter-collection-7 raf-simons-adidas-2016-fall-winter-collection-13 raf-simons-adidas-2016-fall-winter-collection-12 raf-simons-adidas-2016-fall-winter-collection-6 raf-simons-adidas-2016-fall-winter-collection-1 raf-simons-adidas-2016-fall-winter-collection-5 raf-simons-adidas-2016-fall-winter-collection-10 raf-simons-adidas-2016-fall-winter-collection-14 raf-simons-adidas-2016-fall-winter-collection-15 raf-simons-adidas-2016-fall-winter-collection-16 raf-simons-adidas-2016-fall-winter-collection-4 raf-simons-adidas-2016-fall-winter-collection-2 raf-simons-adidas-2016-fall-winter-collection-8 raf-simons-adidas-2016-fall-winter-collection-11 raf-simons-adidas-2016-fall-winter-collection-9

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