Sneaker Freaker x Bespoke IND customise Nike Air Force 1.

By September 29, 2016Sneakers

The Nike Air Force 1 gets a down under makeover.


This release sees a collaboration between Sneaker Freaker and Melbourne based customizers,  Bespoke IND, on the classic Nike Air Force 1. The sneaker was customised to celebrate the AFL grand final  -Australian Football League for the ill-informed- which sees the Western Bulldogs take on the Sydney Swans. The pair have customised the sneaker so that is made up of the same leather featured on the match ball that will be used in the final, available in a red and yellow colorway to represent both sides.

The shoe has been deconstructed and then re-customised by Bespoke IND so that is specifically tailored for the AFL Grand Final: comprising of kangaroo leather inside the shoe, waxed laces to match the white stitching found on the game ball. The level of detail that has gone into this sneaker is astonishing and is likely to go down in sneaker history!

Unfortunately, the shoe will not be commercially available, so, take a look at the photos below to appreciate the shoes in their entirety.

sneaker-freaker-bespoke-ind-air-force-1-01 sneaker-freaker-bespoke-ind-air-force-1-02 sneaker-freaker-bespoke-ind-air-force-1-03 sneaker-freaker-bespoke-ind-air-force-1-04 sneaker-freaker-bespoke-ind-air-force-1-05 sneaker-freaker-bespoke-ind-air-force-1-06 sneaker-freaker-bespoke-ind-air-force-1-07 sneaker-freaker-bespoke-ind-air-force-1-08 sneaker-freaker-bespoke-ind-air-force-1-09 sneaker-freaker-bespoke-ind-air-force-1-10 sneaker-freaker-bespoke-ind-air-force-1-11 sneaker-freaker-bespoke-ind-air-force-1-12 sneaker-freaker-bespoke-ind-air-force-1-13 sneaker-freaker-bespoke-ind-air-force-1-14 sneaker-freaker-bespoke-ind-air-force-1-08

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