Street Style Shots: London Fashion Week Day 1

By September 17, 2016Street Style Shots

Here’s our first round-up of London Fashion Week street style from day 1

See all photos below shot by Jake Hateley.

Please tag @PAUSE_Online & @Jake Hateley if shared online.

jakehateley-lfwday1-0344 jakehateley-lfwday1-0738 jakehateley-lfwday1-0734 jakehateley-lfwday1-0727 jakehateley-lfwday1-0709 jakehateley-lfwday1-0682 jakehateley-lfwday1-0664 jakehateley-lfwday1-0637 jakehateley-lfwday1-0624 jakehateley-lfwday1-0617 jakehateley-lfwday1-0587 jakehateley-lfwday1-0580 jakehateley-lfwday1-0574 jakehateley-lfwday1-0564 jakehateley-lfwday1-0548 jakehateley-lfwday1-0532 jakehateley-lfwday1-0529 jakehateley-lfwday1-0522 jakehateley-lfwday1-0497 jakehateley-lfwday1-0474 jakehateley-lfwday1-0435 jakehateley-lfwday1-0413 jakehateley-lfwday1-0388 jakehateley-lfwday1-0372 jakehateley-lfwday1-0355

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