Big Sean Releases New Merch For His New Tracks

By November 1, 2016Fashion News

Big Sean doing big things.


Big Sean takes action by expressing his words through his new tracks and merchandise. After releasing two new songs “No More Interviews” and “Bounce Back, ” Big Sean decided to also drop a line of new Merch to support his songs. The merch features bold text graphics of “Don’t believe everything you read, ” “No more interviews” and “Take no L’s.” Printed on mainly black and yellow colours, the collection is a perfect way for Big Sean to expand his words not only in music but in fashion too. Shop the pieces now at Big Sean’s online store

big-sean-no-more-interviews-bounce-back-merchandise-2 big-sean-no-more-interviews-bounce-back-merchandise-5 big-sean-no-more-interviews-bounce-back-merchandise-4 big-sean-no-more-interviews-bounce-back-merchandise-3

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