BOYPLAIN Introduce Fall/Winter 2016 Lookbook

By November 9, 2016Fashion News

BOYPLAIN explores communication in their latest collection.


Bangkok-born brand BOYPLAIN brings us a sweetie-toned collection for the Fall/Winter 2016 season. The pink-fuelled lookbook has been shot by photographer Nucha Jaitip. Within the collection, which is dubbed ‘Wordy Wordier’, the brand has explored ideas surrounding freedom of speech and political correctness. This is seen most obviously through the satirical use of punctuation such as exclamation marks, parentheses and quotation marks in the form of several motifs. Aesthetically, the collection sticks to what the brand is known for, loud and proud garments that err on the humorous side. Bold statement sweaters, knitwear and outerwear along with appliquéd oversized tees all abide by the tongue-in-cheek aesthetic in a jewel-toned and pastel colour palette.

Get yourself a piece of the BOYPLAIN Fall/Winter 2016 action by heading to the where the collection is available to buy now.

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