Kai Dunkel Spring/Summer 2017 Collection

By November 4, 2016Fashion News

Kai Dunkel explores the new world for SS17.


Kai Dunkel’s menswear ‘KRONOS’ Spring/Summer 2017 collection visualizes the individual’s dismissal from reality and its transformation in a new world. A world surrounded by a variety of interesting materials that lend themselves to the collection. The collection distinguishes itself through its unique and contrasting material character. An array of avant gardens designs depict an ethereal, almost ceremonial vibe served up in majestic volume.

Hard, demolished , deconstructed, are some of the keywords that come into play for Dunkel’s aesthetic. Fabrics add relief, depth and introduce new motions and dimensions. Rough metal buckles and gas mask lenses, symbolize the individual’s liberation from human reality and also nods to innocence and experience if you were to equate them to emotions.

Mechanical character is also important to Dunkel as he had to consider this in the core of the collections engineering. The thought of clothes as uniforms worn for survival run the gamut here.

In contrast; soft, flowing and transparent fabrics accentuate the human vulnerability and fragility. Layers and elongated lapels encase the body and function as protection against upcoming and uncertain dimensions. Stripping clothes off all their luxurious condiments and bring them down to their basic function renders them as body armour from natural forces like the weather and daily necessities of movement. Kronos has been able to fuse the luxurious with the functional. In a nutshell , this is how to render luxurious fashion inimitable & untouchable!

The transformation is complete.

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Photography: Andreas Waldschütz
Assistant Photography: Faruk Pinjo
Models: Patrick Mason & Thiago Dias
Fashion Stylist: Natalie Deftereos
Assistant: Lea Marlen Rektorschek
Fashion Film Director: Nico Meyer Brenkhof


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