Levi’s X Oi Polloi Northern Soul Inspired 511 Jeans Collection

By November 2, 2016Fashion News

When North West England collides with West Coast America.


Everyone’s favourite all-American denim brand Levi’s has teamed up with Mancunian menswear brand Oi Polloi to create a capsule collection of 511 jeans inspired by Northern Soul.

In this somewhat unexpected collision of cultures, Oi Polloi founders Steve Sanderson and Nigel Lawson visited Levi’s San Francisco-based innovation lab to create revamped versions of the 511 slim fit jeans. While Sanderson and Lawson found the 511 silhouette reminiscent of the razor-sharp jean shapes worn in the early days of Northern Soul, they’ve fused them with a washed-out style often associated with the San Fran hippy scene to create a unique denim offering that wouldn’t look out of place on the dance floor, nor really anywhere else.

The Levi’s x Oi Polloi 511 511 Slim Fit Jeans will be available in white, cornflower and mint colourways, but only 100 pairs will be made of each. They’ll be retailing at £95, and you can get yours from Oipolloi’s online site as well as the Manchester and Soho stores from 10am GMT on Thursday 3rd November.

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