Field of Ponies Autumn/Winter 2017 Lookbook

By January 12, 2017Fashion News

Field of Ponies release their AW17 lookbook.


Images shot by Pier-Alexandre Gagne

Field of Ponies is a London based brand under the design of Julie Bérubé. The brand draws inspiration from reflections of our civilisation and its imminent implosion as we witness the death of our planet.

For AW17 Julie Bérubé draws inspiration from an early childhood anecdote. One evening she was out camping with her dad and he was trying to explain to young Julie how the universe is infinite and always under expansion. Being young she was unable to grasp this concept completely and imagined it to be a building site at the end of the Earth, cranes, fences and pebbles all laying at the edge of the universe. It is this image that has stayed with her since and helped create this collection.

See the full collection below:

Field-of-Ponies-FW17_fy6 Field-of-Ponies-FW17_fy4 Field-of-Ponies-FW17_fy7 Field-of-Ponies-FW17_fy16 Field-of-Ponies-FW17_fy2 Field-of-Ponies-FW17_fy11 Field-of-Ponies-FW17_fy15 Field-of-Ponies-FW17_fy10 Field-of-Ponies-FW17_fy14 Field-of-Ponies-FW17_fy8 Field-of-Ponies-FW17_fy1 Field-of-Ponies-FW17_fy5 Field-of-Ponies-FW17_fy3 Field-of-Ponies-FW17_fy13 Field-of-Ponies-FW17_fy9

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