LFWM: Michiko Koshino Autumn/Winter 2017 Collection

Meet the Koshino family roots, warriors from the bamboo forests of Japan.


A favourite of David Bowie, Candy Ken and Stella McCartney, Michiko Koshino’s newest collection is an interesting exploration into the family names history. Thousands of years ago the Koshino name was of ancient warrior beginnings deep in the bamboo filled forests of Japan.

References to the Koshino military roots can be seen in some of the designs, practical workwear, graphic prints and the use of manmade fabrics all point to this. The Iconic inflatables that Koshino uses have been reinvented, playfully mirroring nature with animalistic silhouettes. Masks have now been introduced to the brand, again looking back at the fighter roots.

See the full presentation below:

michiko_koshino_aw17_look2 michiko_koshino_aw17_look3 michiko_koshino_aw17_look4 michiko_koshino_aw17_look5 michiko_koshino_aw17_look6 michiko_koshino_aw17_look7 michiko_koshino_aw17_look8 michiko_koshino_aw17_look9 michiko_koshino_aw17_photo_group1

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