LFWM: QASIMI Autumn/Winter 2017 Collection

QASIMI AW17 collection is a tonal paradise. 


QASIMI’s fourth season was showcased this weekend at London Fashion Week Men’s and it was all about protest, a relevant topic to the society that we currently live in.

The starting point for this collection was the idea of taking boys out of their beds and onto the streets to protest, check the pillows, dressing gowns and other comfy looks. The collection cites John Lennon’s 1969 Bed-In, the Black Lives Matter movement and the Dakota Pipeline protests as its main inspirations.

Khalid bin Sultan Al Qasimi said at the presentation “I think we are all protesting, I think it’s not about going out into the streets anymore because that doesn’t change anything, we need to do it on a daily basis.”

Check out the full presentation below:

03_qasimi_joseph_01204_qasimi_aimantas_011 05_qasimi_xavier_018 06_qasimi_emin_016 07_qasimi_ernest_006 08_qasimi_malik_032 09_qasimi_jordy_003 10_qasimi_tom_004 11_qasimi_dylan_017 12_qasimi_safil_029 13_qasimi_ilja_023 14_qasimi_evan_015 15_qasimi_callum_black_036 16_qasimi_callum_press_006 17_qasimi_callum_black_011

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