MCCVIII [TWELVEOEIGHT] Autumn/Winter 2017 Collection

By January 17, 2017Fashion News, Sneakers

Pharaho And Charito Silhouettes


MCCVII [TWELVEOEIGHT] is the footwear brand founded by and his designer brother, Carl Gilliam. The brand is named after where the pair grew up, 1208 Glennfield Court in Boyle Heights and reflects this through the values they learned growing up. The Chariot Collection features two new sneaker silhouettes – the Chariot Archer High-Top and Chariot Archer Low-Top, inspired by chariot racing the Ancient Roman sport; an everyday shoe for the modern champion. The Chariot Collection comes in different colourways such as orange with a green sole and pink with a blue sole.

The second shoe collection shows the Pharaoh silhouette and introduces the Pharaoh Fringe, as well as the Pharaoh High-Top and are constructed from Italian leather with lambskin lining. The Pharaoh High-Top Plates even feature 18-carat gold-plated detailing.

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