MFW: Neil Barrett Autumn/Winter 2017 Collection

See the full Neil Barrett Autumn/Winter 2017 Collection which showcased at Milan Fashion Week Men’s:


With Neil Barrett presenting the Fall/Winter 2017 collection during this edition of Milan Fashion Week, the masculine wardrobe is getting some more graphic silhouettes, sharp details and an air of military chic for the upcoming season. The sports luxe label easily blends in cropped padded coats, tailored jackets with oversize details and refined trench coats endowed with a distinctive face print on the chest.

Neil Barrett sticks to the signature black and white high-class palette, whilst adding subtle shades of yellow on a striking weekend bag or contrasting red stripes on the sides of tracksuit pants – totally suitable for a comfortable day-to-day outfit. For other items to keep in mind from this Fall/Winter 2017 collection, think geometric-shaped silver necklace, layered leather blazer and printed Oxford shoes. Black, of course.

Check the photos below:

NeilBarratt_PAUSE8 NeilBarratt_PAUSE6 NeilBarratt_PAUSE7 NeilBarratt_PAUSE5 NeilBarratt_PAUSE48 NeilBarratt_PAUSE49 NeilBarratt_PAUSE47 NeilBarratt_PAUSE45 NeilBarratt_PAUSE46 NeilBarratt_PAUSE43 NeilBarratt_PAUSE44 NeilBarratt_PAUSE42 NeilBarratt_PAUSE40 NeilBarratt_PAUSE41 NeilBarratt_PAUSE4 NeilBarratt_PAUSE39 NeilBarratt_PAUSE38 NeilBarratt_PAUSE36 NeilBarratt_PAUSE37 NeilBarratt_PAUSE35 NeilBarratt_PAUSE33 NeilBarratt_PAUSE34 NeilBarratt_PAUSE31 NeilBarratt_PAUSE32 NeilBarratt_PAUSE30 NeilBarratt_PAUSE3 NeilBarratt_PAUSE29 NeilBarratt_PAUSE28 NeilBarratt_PAUSE26 NeilBarratt_PAUSE27 NeilBarratt_PAUSE24 NeilBarratt_PAUSE25 NeilBarratt_PAUSE23 NeilBarratt_PAUSE21 NeilBarratt_PAUSE22 NeilBarratt_PAUSE2 NeilBarratt_PAUSE20 NeilBarratt_PAUSE19 NeilBarratt_PAUSE17 NeilBarratt_PAUSE18 NeilBarratt_PAUSE16 NeilBarratt_PAUSE14 NeilBarratt_PAUSE15 NeilBarratt_PAUSE12 NeilBarratt_PAUSE13 NeilBarratt_PAUSE11 NeilBarratt_PAUSE1 NeilBarratt_PAUSE10

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