PFW: Kenzo Autumn/Winter 2017 Collection

See the Kenzo Autumn/Winter 2017 Menswear collection as it appeared on the runway at Paris Fashion Week:


In the assemblage of kaleidoscope colours we’ve all come to know and love the brand for, Kenzo’s AW17 collection was a sight that would’ve brightened up even the dreariest of fashion week attendees.

Taking a more practical approach to the season cooler moments with a lineup of slimmed down skiwear and cushy, colourful knits; Kenzo’s predilection for the louder things in life is implacable. Bold blues, vibrant yellows and, of course, an abundance of prints and patterns formed the beef of this collection; with plush roll necks, practical parkas, puffer jackets and other ski-inspired apparel making for a wardrobe built for the St.Anton attendee – be it pre, post or, indeed on piste.

Skiing aside, the lineup formed the telltale elements of a well received, albeit predictable, collection that’ll surely appease the Kenzo customer and the chromatically inclined… if their keen on the outdoors.

Kenzo_PAUSE7 Kenzo_PAUSE8 Kenzo_PAUSE6 Kenzo_PAUSE5 Kenzo_PAUSE42 Kenzo_PAUSE43 Kenzo_PAUSE40 Kenzo_PAUSE41 Kenzo_PAUSE4 Kenzo_PAUSE38 Kenzo_PAUSE39 Kenzo_PAUSE36 Kenzo_PAUSE37 Kenzo_PAUSE35 Kenzo_PAUSE33 Kenzo_PAUSE34 Kenzo_PAUSE32 Kenzo_PAUSE30 Kenzo_PAUSE31 Kenzo_PAUSE3 Kenzo_PAUSE29 Kenzo_PAUSE28 Kenzo_PAUSE26 Kenzo_PAUSE27 Kenzo_PAUSE24 Kenzo_PAUSE25 Kenzo_PAUSE23 Kenzo_PAUSE21 Kenzo_PAUSE22 Kenzo_PAUSE2 Kenzo_PAUSE20 Kenzo_PAUSE19 Kenzo_PAUSE17 Kenzo_PAUSE18 Kenzo_PAUSE16 Kenzo_PAUSE14 Kenzo_PAUSE12 Kenzo_PAUSE13 Kenzo_PAUSE11 Kenzo_PAUSE1 Kenzo_PAUSE10Kenzo_PAUSE44

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