PFW: Sean Suen Autumn/Winter 2017 Collection

Sean Suen Autumn/Winter 2017 Menswear collection.


Sean Suen maximises the effect of key details and adds a young voice to classic designs by reinterpreting elder generation’s style through revolutionary examination on high-fashion’s structure and fabrics instead of focusing on rebellious graphic looks often depicted in youth subculture.

The new collection attempts to expand creativity from two-dimensional design, which is considered as one of his main strengths, to three- dimensional perspectives. It features a conflict between grayscale and saturated colour palette, as well as the various types of materials used from leather, silk to cashmere, this collection sparkles creative silhouettes in a young narrative by integrating technology to classic fabrics.

Anticipated oversized lapel is seen throughout the collection, such as the cashmere blazer, shearling bomber jacket and suede trench coat, building up to an suave look alongside tapered pants and single colour brogue shoes.


SeanSuen_PAUSE7 SeanSuen_PAUSE6 SeanSuen_PAUSE5 SeanSuen_PAUSE4 SeanSuen_PAUSE39 SeanSuen_PAUSE38 SeanSuen_PAUSE37 SeanSuen_PAUSE36 SeanSuen_PAUSE35 SeanSuen_PAUSE34 SeanSuen_PAUSE33 SeanSuen_PAUSE32 SeanSuen_PAUSE31 SeanSuen_PAUSE30 SeanSuen_PAUSE3 SeanSuen_PAUSE29 SeanSuen_PAUSE28 SeanSuen_PAUSE27 SeanSuen_PAUSE26 SeanSuen_PAUSE25 SeanSuen_PAUSE24 SeanSuen_PAUSE23 SeanSuen_PAUSE22 SeanSuen_PAUSE21 SeanSuen_PAUSE20 SeanSuen_PAUSE2 SeanSuen_PAUSE19 SeanSuen_PAUSE18 SeanSuen_PAUSE17 SeanSuen_PAUSE16 SeanSuen_PAUSE15 SeanSuen_PAUSE14 SeanSuen_PAUSE13 SeanSuen_PAUSE12 SeanSuen_PAUSE11 SeanSuen_PAUSE10 SeanSuen_PAUSE1

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