PFW: Christian Dada Autumn/Winter 2017 Collection

Influenced by the troubled youth.


You guessed it, the brand was influenced by the art movement of the European avant-garde in the 20th century. What you may not have known is that ”Christian” is for his grandfather who specialised in embroidery.

Masanori Morikawa, the creative mind behind the brand Christian Dada, focused on frustration, confusion and conflict, youngsters have to face. The collection is called ”BLUE” which represents the troubled state of youth in Japanese. Morikawa realises that troubled youth sometimes have to deal with drug addiction as well. The word ”Heroin” in a font too similar to that of Coca Cola is visible on a sweatshirt in colours of the mentioned brand. Eye-catching combinations of prints and patterns, orange and foil combinations and Nirvana signs definitely made the collection stand out.

See the Christian Dada Autumn/Winter 2017 Menswear collection as it appeared on the runway at Paris Fashion Week below.

ChristianDada_PAUSE7 ChristianDada_PAUSE5 ChristianDada_PAUSE6  ChristianDada_PAUSE36 ChristianDada_PAUSE34 ChristianDada_PAUSE35 ChristianDada_PAUSE33 ChristianDada_PAUSE31 ChristianDada_PAUSE32 ChristianDada_PAUSE3  ChristianDada_PAUSE29 ChristianDada_PAUSE27 ChristianDada_PAUSE28 ChristianDada_PAUSE26 ChristianDada_PAUSE24 ChristianDada_PAUSE25 ChristianDada_PAUSE22 ChristianDada_PAUSE23 ChristianDada_PAUSE20  ChristianDada_PAUSE2 ChristianDada_PAUSE18 ChristianDada_PAUSE19 ChristianDada_PAUSE17 ChristianDada_PAUSE15 ChristianDada_PAUSE16 ChristianDada_PAUSE13 ChristianDada_PAUSE14 ChristianDada_PAUSE12 ChristianDada_PAUSE10 ChristianDada_PAUSE11 ChristianDada_PAUSE1

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