Raf Simons’ Calvin Klein Headquarters Will Be Envisioned by Sterling Ruby

By February 14, 2017Fashion News

Raf Simons’ Calvin Klein Headquarters Will Be designed by Sterling Ruby.

The iconic and well-established fashion designer Raf Simons and Sterling Ruby, the epitome of rebellion in the art world have been good friends for a while, and are now collaborating once again for a new project. Previous works of the duo have been highly successful, including when Ruby designed bleached denim to create a collection of jeans and jackets, as well as in 2012 where Ruby’s paintings appeared on Simon’s debut Dior couture show collection. The twosome also collaborated on a Raf Simons Sterling Ruby collection of jackets.

Simons, who first approached Ruby as a curious art collector on the suggestion of a friend. “I saw a couple of his ceramics at art fairs, and I kept thinking, Who is that? Sometimes you see work and it just stays in your brain,” Simons added. “They were the realest thing I had seen in a long time, and they fascinated me.”


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