PAUSE Visits: Bunga Bunga in Covent Garden

By February 14, 2017Lifestyle, Restaurant

The Bunga Bunga Show has come to Covent Garden.

Bunga Bunga, a follow-up of the legendary Battersea,  has just opened a new restaurant in the heart of London. The venue immerses their guests in two worlds. On the ground floor,  BungaTINI is a family friendly Italian pizzeria and bar but if you look closer, you will notice a secret door in the corner. The Italian glamour, tongue-in-cheek performances and delicious Italian food and cocktails await behind the door. An interesting mixture of acts, from musical performers to actors and dancers, will appear to entertain the guests. Charlie Gilkes, the founder, said: ”This is a new more grown up Bunga Bunga that has definitely not lost its sense of humour as it matures and we hope that it enters people’s hearts as much as the original has.”

BungaTINI and Bunga Bunga Covent Garden Address:

167 Drury Lane

See a few pictures from the new restaurant below.

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