visvim Restores Ancient Japanese Techniques for 2017 Collection

By February 14, 2017Fashion News

visvim restores ancient Japanese techniques for its new collection.

The label by Hiroki Nakamura, visvim released its fall’17 ready-to-wear collection, including a revival of ancient Japanese artisanal  techniques across a variety of pieces.

Nakamura spoke to Vogue, making his ideas evident. “I feel my job as a designer is to take old methods, enhance them, and bring them into the present as everyday clothes.”

Notable highlights feature a kimono-style lacquered jacket (which was worked on thoroughly until he was fully pleased with the cracked texture) as well as a 10-month tanned leather jacket, where only four will be made.

You will also find tees, vests, shirts, trousers and an assortment of various denim pieces. Nakamura has been collecting rare pieces of denim since he was in his early teens, and his ever-lasting affair with the material is displayed in the more dry and light washes he creates.

Check out the website here.


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