Your Guide For Hitting The Ski Slopes

By February 17, 2017Fashion News


You may think just because spring is approaching, the ski season is over. It might be getting ever so slightly warmer in the UK, but if you take a trip up to the French or Swiss Alps, or even farther afield to the mountains of Canada, then you’re bound to find a lot of white fluffy snow. So, before you start planning your outfit for the beach (we’ve got a few more months to wait), start thinking about what you’re going to wear when you hit the slopes.

Even if your skiing or snowboarding skills leave a lot to be desired, at least your outfit can be awesome. Here is how to look hot when you’re in the cold.


These have got to be perfect, as it is no good finding out on your first ski session that your boots are uncomfortable and leave your feet frozen. Thankfully, these ski boots don’t just look awesome, but are packed with the latest tech to ensure your skiing time is pain-free. Along with shock absorption and insulation, the boots are designed in such a way that walking around feels comfy and effortless. Plus, with some stylish neon green and orange colours on offer, you’ll make a cool contrast against the pure white of the snow.


As well as shading your eyes from sun and wind, the right pair of ski goggles can ooze style. We wonder if there’s a future out there for wearing these in the summer one day, but for now, we think we will have to content ourselves for only the ski season. Oakley, Nike, and Adidas are undoubtedly three of the biggest manufacturers when it comes to sports goggles, so much so that choosing just one can be an uphill battle. That said, we’ve spotted a nice selection of goggles on the Edel-Optics site, so see if rainbow or perhaps a hot pink is your preference when it comes to lens tint.


For your ski jacket selection, we are going to have to go with something from the SSENSE ’20 Below Zero’ range by Neil Barrett. We love the camo print in particular, along with Barrett’s emblematic lightning strike designs. Overall, they present the notion that fashion never rests and that looking good can be done for any activity. And, most importantly, they are going to keep your body incredibly warm out there in the thick snow. Photographer of the ’20 Below Zero’ range, Lukas Wassmann, summed up the designs perfectly: “It is a ticket to explore the boundaries of nature and altitude without interference.”

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