PAUSE Meets: Parisian Kids, Harry and Tyyyki

Harry and Tyyyki

Interviewer: Johnson Gold // @Johnson_Gold
Creative Direction, Photography & Styling: Terence Sambo // @TerenceSambo
Models/Influencers: Harry & Tyyyki // @harryfuturistik + @tyyyki

PAUSE: So where are you guys from?

Harry and Tyyyki: France.

PAUSE: Where in France?

Harry: Paris. I’m in the suburbs of Paris, on the outskirts.

PAUSE: So what do you guys do?

Tyyyki: We’re into fashion. We’re both modelling.

Harry: Fashion shit.

PAUSE: And how old are you?

Tyyyki: Sixteen.

PAUSE: And how old are you?

Harry: Two.


Harry: Yeah the same. I’m sixteen too.

PAUSE: So are you guys in school?

Harry: Yeah, we go to school.

PAUSE: What are you currently studying in school?

Harry and Tyyyki: We’re in our first class of college.

PAUSE: You’re already doing fashion, how did it all start?

Harry: It’s in the blood.

PAUSE: I look at you two, and I can see you have your own style and you know who you are. There are some people, at sixteen, who don’t know who they are yet. So how did you both figure that out, is there anything you’re inspired by?

Harry: Yeah, we got inspiration.

PAUSE: Who inspires you?

Harry: I get my inspiration from all. From everything. Instagram. I see and I don’t remake, but I remix, I’m inspired.

PAUSE: So a lot of your inspiration is from Instagram.

Tyyyki: I don’t know where I get my inspiration, but I know where I can find my inspiration.

PAUSE: Do you have any celebrities that inspire you?

T: Yeah. ASAP Rocky.

H: A$AP Mob. The whole mob. Yeah. The whole mob.

PAUSE: What kind of music do you like?

H: Trap. Rap. R&B. Things like that.

PAUSE: Okay, and you?

T: The same.

PAUSE: Who’s your favourite artist?

T: A$AP Rocky.

H: Chief Keef.

PAUSE: And how would you say Paris has influenced your life and your style?

H: In Paris, there’s not really an inspiration, people copy other people. It’s just a rotation. And for us, we are here to do something different, something new.

PAUSE: And you’re 16 and you guys are smoking already?

H and T: [Laughs] Yeah.

PAUSE: How come?

T: The life. [laughs], the lifestyle.

PAUSE: And do you have a lot of people who want to be like you now?

H and T: Yes.

PAUSE: Now that you guys are growing in terms of social media, you’re modelling, doing fashion stuff – people are now looking at you?

H and T: Yeah.

PAUSE: How does it feel?

H: They’re like, “What the fuck? They’re too young” and things like that.

PAUSE: So you guys get a lot of negative comments from people?

H and T: No, no. Not really. They’re more surprised.

PAUSE: When they’re surprised, what kind of things do they say?

H: They say, “How? How do they do things like that?”

PAUSE: What kind of shoots have you done? Tell me about the brands that you’ve collaborated with?

H: Berlin Banks, Joyrich, Hoodlab, Blood Brother, GCDS and Definition.

PAUSE: Who would you like to collaborate with in the future?

H & T: I would like a collaboration with… Gucci.


PAUSE: Why Gucci?

T: Because Gucci is fire.

H: Gucci is the new wave.

PAUSE: You’re young. You’re 16. Do you feel like you’ve grown fast because of the Internet?

H: No, it’s just our mentality. We think like that, so we act like that.

PAUSE: Does everyone your age act like that?

H and T: No.

PAUSE: So why do you act like that?

H: Because we’re different.

PAUSE: How did you two meet?

T: In a Trap house.

PAUSE: Ah, okay. And what’s a trap house?

H: Trap house. A crib with like, all your friends, girls, chill, smoking, lean…

PAUSE: What age did you guys meet? When was this?

H: One year ago?

PAUSE: So you were 15?

H: Yeah.

PAUSE: What do you do in the trap house? What happens in the trap house?

H and T: [laugh]

H: Dabbing. Dab, dab, dab.

PAUSE: Just dabbing? What else do you do? Do you drink?

H and T: No, no, no.

PAUSE: Do you smoke?

H and T: Yeah. Smoke weed. Lean. We f*ck some hoes. [Laughs] Percocet, molly, Percocet.

PAUSE: So what advice would you give to another 16-year-old who is going through trying to make it in modelling?

H: Stay strong. Don’t worry. You can do it.

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  • Dylan says:

    U guys are dope and wanna be part of you

  • Chiskop Banana says:

    All these kids are the same seems like somehow the internet spreads that energy through out the world, except for Jo’burg, there the streets are buzzing with quite perculiar fashion aesthetics. I would like pausemag to please do an interview on South African influencers/trendsetters Perhaps get a correspondent this side for an interviewer, that would be dope.

    There’s so many content in S.A. please browse through @spovagang on Instagram.

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