SPOTTED: Wiz Khalifa In Saint Laurent Shirt at Bunbury Festival

Wiz Khalifa performs on-stage wearing Saint Laurent shirt at Bunbury Festival.

American rapper Wiz Khalifa entertained his audience at Bunbury Festival in Cincinnati, Ohio wearing a Saint Laurent floral print shirt. Audiences were stunned by Khalifa’s perfomance, as some Twitter users expressed their thoughts: “Wiz Khalifa lighting up the skies of Cincinnati at Bunbury Music Festival!! Sad to go, but gotta” posted Chrissy Morgan.

The festival generally recieved a positive reaction as people revealed their thoughts on the acts and atmosphere. Gaia Girl said “When @30SECONDSTOMARS release the giant balloons last night @bunburyfestival , it was the happiest 5 minutes of my life. Visually stunning,” while Ray tweeted “Muse. Was. Amazing. @bunburyfestival .”

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This shirt boasts a classic collar, concealed front button fastening, straight hem, all-over floral print design and button cuffs.

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