Stefano Pilati Teases at his New Brand on Instagram

By June 29, 2017Fashion News

Gone in 24 hours. 


Stefano Pilati, the former creative director at Yves Saint Laurent and Zenga took to his Instagram stories to unveil a new genderless brand called “Random Identities”. Pilati displayed 17 monochrome looks modelled by his inner circle which then disappeared after 24 hours due to the nature of the stories function.

The brand was described as “genderless” and “seasonless”  by Pilati though no further details have been given. Could it be that Pilati is just testing the waters? But with top-tier experience at two huge luxury brands under his belt, he’ll definitely get people talking.

View the video directed by Matt Lambert which was posted on Pilati’s Instagram page titled Random Identities, suggesting this is his return to fashion below.



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