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Summer is here!  While the British sun may be a little hit and miss, it is currently hit!  That aside, the holiday season is looming upon us and plans for getaways are in the pipeline.  Whether you are planning to chill on a beach in Ibiza, or catch rays during a UK festival, catch our recommendations from My Protein to get the best from your Summer body.

Impact Diet Whey

For maintaining and repairing lean muscle mass, goes with anyone serious about their workout regime. Mix in with pancake batter for a boast to your pudding.

Cocon Pure Coconut Oil

This organic virgin coconut oil is a great alternative to be included in every day cooking.  Use in a quick dinner of sliced chicken breast, mushrooms and courgettes.

Impact Weight Gainer

With 388 calories per serving, this boost to training goes down easily for those wanting to bulk up.  Use right after the gym to maximise potential. Blend with ice and water for a refreshing post work-out shake.

Peanut Butter

Crunchy or smooth options, it’s packed with fibre and protein. A perfect spread swap.  Try it late morning as a snack in pita bread.

Pulse Gel

Filled with nutrients, this supplement with have you going for gold in the gym.  Indulge in Berry Blast 15 minutes before your workout.

Instant Oats

Scottish oats are packed with fibre, protein and a slow-releasing energy.  Add this to your diet first thing in the morning with milk, water or add to a yogurt.

Protein Noodles

Suitable for a vegetarians, the high protein content is soy based. 3 flavours to choose from.  Great late afternoon snack to hold you between lunch and dinner.

Vitality Collection

A new range for a slightly more mature man, vitality is designed to keep you in shape and give you what your body needs.

See the full range and further information on their website.

Words by Benjamin Glean

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