Vetememes founder establishes new troll brand, Boolenciaga

By June 16, 2017Fashion News

The creator of cult internet brand Vetememes has launched a new label, aptly named Boolenciaga.

Davil Tran, creator of the viral brand Vetememes which gained internet fame for their imitation of a high fashion house, Vetements raincoat last winter is back again with another copycat brand, Boolenciaga. The Architecture and planning graduate has once again waged war on the ideas of Demna Gvasalia and co with his take on their work at Balenciaga. Following the release of the Vetememes raincoat and the subsequent imitation designs, Gvasalia refused to press charges on the brand, telling the New York Times that he hopes ‘that he has enjoyed making his project as much as we do making our clothes.’

Yet an established house such as Balenciaga are known for fiercely protecting their work; with an example lawsuit filed against Steve Madden in 2009 for a similar designed shoe and again in 2014. Davil has stated on the matter that ‘I wanted to start Boolenciaga because Vetements decided to do less oversized meme clothing, so it was only a matter of time’ but he is ‘worried’ that he will not get off as easy as last time.

Here at PAUSE, we are big fans of the work by both pseudo brands; seeing them as the labor of someone who understands what Demna is attempting to do with Vetements and Balenciaga; put the internet on the runway. It is also a refreshing twist following the news that Vetements will no longer pursue runway shows.

You can shop the new label on the Vetememes website now.

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