Vetements Will No Longer Do Fashion Shows

”I got bored. I think it (Vetements) needs to enter a new chapter.”

Vetements founder and head designer, Demna Gvasalia, has recently stated that controversial brand will no longer create oversized outfits which had made Vetements famous. Now, Gvasalia shocks the fashion world again by saying that his label is not going to do fashion shows anymore.

Gvasalia told Vogue: ”We are not going to show in the classical system anymore. I got bored. I think it needs to enter a new chapter. Fashion shows are not the best tool. We did the show in the sex club, the restaurant, the church. We brought forward the season, we showed men’s and women’s together. It’s become repetitive and exhausting. We will do something when there’s the time and the need for it. It will be more like a surprise.”

The Georgian designer joked that refusing to do fashion shows is like ”putting Vetements into an artificial coma.”  He added: ”It’s like we’ve got this big baby, and we’ve got to take care of it. In five years, it has gone so fast; it started to become something else. I want to bring it back to where we started. No more oversize hoodies! We’re independent. We can do what we choose. That’s the beauty of Vetements.”

Demna also believes that 80% of the clothes they designed were not really seen or understood. In addition, putting on a show can be really expensive. Demna stated that it costed them approxiamtely €100,000 to put on a show and book a venue which he now considers a ”complete waste.”

Fear not, even though Vetements will no longer showcase their new clothing in a form of fashion shows, the label will still design a collection every season. Gvasalia reassured fans and stated: ”At the end of June, we will have it in our showroom in Paris. I’m going to have a young band from Vienna playing at the opening event, but that’s it.”

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