Care labels on clothing are too confusing for people

By July 17, 2017Fashion News

Finding the perfect outfit can be tricky just in itself. Getting yourself ready for your big night out or preparing for an important interview, it takes time to pick out exactly what you want. However after seeking out the ideal outfit, the worry comes afterwards with the first wear when it needs to be washed.

It’s revealed that over half of people do not always understand the symbols on clothing care labels, according to an online label company Data Label. The survey revealed 56% of people do not always understand the symbols on their clothes.

Buying a new item of wear is generally an exciting process, as it’s what you’ve wanted for some time bringing you confidence, style and more importantly, standing out. They’re such a variety of symbols used on clothing labels, many of which seem to match so little with what it’s advising you to do, it’s no wonder that 56% of people are not assured on what the care symbols mean.

There are a minimum of 22 basic symbols alone to do with washing, hand washing, ironing, tumble drying and dry cleaning an item of clothing, it’s not surprising that over half the people asked can feel baffled by them. People tend to worry about washing clothes that are dry clean or hand wash only, to then never wearing them afterwards.

It’s a fright when putting an item of clothing to wash, to then only to find out when unloading the machine the colour has run or it’s turned half the size it used to be. Most of the pictures don’t resemble with what they mean so it’s difficult to understand what it’s telling us to do with the item.

Once clothes have gone through the whole washing process and then it turns out to be damaged, it can lead to people throwing out their clothes afterwards as the damage has made it unwearable.

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