Gucci Cruise reveals 2018 Menswear Lookbook

Michele’s Gucci is a good Gucci.

Gucci Cruise has just unveiled its 2018 menswear lookbook, and it can be described very simply as: a lot.

Alessandro Michele has been doing the most with Gucci ever since he was named its creative director in 2015. In the two-and-a-half years he’s reigned over the Italian label, Michele has redefined Gucci, re-introducing everything that makes the brand memorable. Between the vibrancy of his colours, the abundance of fur and the careful particularities of tasteful embroidery, Michele’s Gucci boasts record sales for the luxury brand.

The aesthetics we see in this menswear lookbook are nothing less than what we should expect from the contemporary Gucci. For Gucci Cruise 2018, the inspiration is as sporadic as ever, with homage paid to the Renaissance period, rebel style, royalty and, surely, many others. This new collection offers garments so extraordinary they could all be used in a remake of The Grand Budapest Hotel.

While a couple of the looks elicit some nostalgia from their showcasing in tandem with Gucci’s women’s line back in May, many have never before been seen.

Take a look at Michele’s latest creation, and let us know what you think.

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