PAUSE Meets: Trap Ebz Discusses His Relationship With Wiz Khalifa, English Slang And His Love For London

One Door Closes, Another One Opens.

Trap Ebz wears Schott Jacket, B-Side LDN T-Shirt and his own sunglasses.

Trap Ebz

Artist: TrapEbz // @trapxl

Interviewer: Olivia Dytor // @viatiadytor

Photography: Jonny Kaye // @jk.pops

Stylist: Danny Walker // @uncommondanny

We met up with TrapEbz after the recent release of his mixtape ‘TRAP: The Real Always Prevail’ to discuss how Wiz Khalifa has been there for him, how he was working in a factory a month ago, London, Nike and more. Sitting on only 10,000 Instagram followers, we caught Trapz before his inevitable and well-deserved rise to fame through his relationship with Wiz Khalifa, drive, passion, style and of course his party perfect bangers.

When did your musical career start?

Honestly, it started as a joke after high school. Obviously, Wiz Khalifa inspired the hell out of me and I started getting cool with him and I started to take it seriously.

How old are you?


And how does it feel to be doing what you’re doing at 21 right now?

It feels amazing honestly, it feels amazing. I can’t even describe the feeling. Just a month ago I was waking up for work and going to work every day.

Where was that?

A warehouse in Ohio.

What made you decide to quit?

No, they fired me. So it’s like… I think God is showing me my way because I got fired and now I’m here, you know what I’m saying, 3 weeks later I’m here. I feel like this is destiny. I talked to Wiz [Khalifa] and just everything is ready for me.

How did Wiz inspire you?

Just him being himself at all times. I always wanted to be my own boss, he’s been his own boss for a minute now. I’ve always been Taylor Gang.

Trap Ebz wears Kappa Jacket and T-Shirt, Luke Jeans and Vans Shoes.

So he’s one of your musical inspirations?

Him and Lil Wayne.


They’re the G.O.A.T.S [greatest of all time].

What would be your dream musical collaboration?

Lil Wayne. Obviously, Wiz [Khalifa] is possible because of my relationship with him, so Lil Wayne.

You call Wiz Khalifa your Big Bro, how did you guys meet up?

He came to my city and I got a meet and greet and I told him “big bro watch out for me” and he was cool and stuff. He followed me on Twitter that day, he shouted me out, I went to a club with him – I was VIP and ever since it’s been all love. One day he hit me up like “you’re my little bro, I got you.”

Tell us about your new mixtape TRAP: The Real Always Prevail.

Straight fire. Real always prevails, honestly it’s like in my eyes it’s the realest shit out right now you know what I’m saying? It’s speaking all facts talking about how I’m going to London, Paris all this shit. Things in my life like how I lost my job last month now I’m here, crazy things. Make sure you check out the tape, it’s fire!

Trap Ebz wears Alpha Industries Jacket, B-Side LDN Hoodie and Trousers and Vans Shoes.

What do you like about London and Paris?

It’s just different, I like being the alien you know what I’m saying? It’s just different from America and love, the love is different. We don’t show love like this in America. Shout out PAUSE. Shout out you. [Also] the women out here are beautiful, compared to America.

You’ve got in with the lingo in London…

Oh for sure, innit! My cousin…. I used to come to London all the time like every other summer to see my family. I’ve been to Dubai, loads of places.

Tell us some of the words you’ve found.

Innit, that’s my favourite. Bare [a lot]. I know a lot of shit. Mad ting [thing] sad ting [thing]! Youts [kids] is a funny word to me. There’s bare youts innit!

How would you describe your sense of style?

I don’t think I have a style, you know.

Or your mood?

Yeah, it depends on how I’m feeling. I’ll wear anything honestly. I don’t care what people think about what I wear.

Trap Ebz wears Schott Jacket, B-Side LDN T-Shirt, Luke Jeans and Hi-Tec Shoes.

What brands would we find in your wardrobe?

Right now, nothing but Nike.

What’s your favourite sneaker brand?

I would say Jordans [Nike] but I’m shying away from them, I’m trying to be different, but I will say Jordans are my favourite.

Trap Ebz wears B-Side LDN T-Shirt.

Jordans are big in America, why is that?

I don’t know why, but it’s like a culture, that’s why I wear a lot of Nike too.

And what can we expect from you this year?

You can expect really really really big things. I’ll be announcing shows, I’ll be announcing something that’s really really really big with Wiz but I can’t announce it right now, so be looking for it… just have a look out. I’ll let you know ASAP I just can’t talk about it right now.

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