With fashion week upon us, the manic scramble to put together your outfits, organise your schedule and tie up any loose ends is well and truly underway. A week of running from one show to the next, organising backstage interviews and, if you can manage it, attending some of the coolest parties of the year lies ahead so, needless to say, preparation is key.

With this in mind, the editors at PAUSE have put together a list of their must-haves for one of the busiest weeks of the year. You can thank us later…

#1: Portable Charger

While a rare sight a matter of years ago, the portable charger has fast become the holy grail for any fashion week attendee hoping to make it through the day without the dreaded ‘low battery’ notification. With great options from as little as £10 available these days, it’s really a no brainer.


#2: Grooming Essentials

While we’d like to pretend we’re all there to pay undivided attention to the designer’s collections, it’d be a lie to say that we’re not sparing just as much thought for our own getup. Running around all day can take its toll so a few products to keep you looking your best will never go astray.

#3: Snacks

Packing snacks to keep you ticking over as you dart from one show to the next is absolutely essential. Too often the clock hits six and you realise you haven’t eaten anything but a measly apple in the last twelve hours – with no time to grab a bite, having a few energy boosters at your disposal will make all the difference.

#4: Sunglasses

Anna Wintour eat your heart out! While there’s few who can pull off wearing a set of stylish shades indoors with as much nonchalant flair as our benevolent fashion queen; a savvy pair of sunnies will save you from squinting as the street style photographers snap away, not to mention it’s an easy way to add a little panache to any ensemble.

#5: Apps

It should go without saying, but apps like Uber (self-explanatory) and Citymapper (the ONLY public transport app you need) will make navigating fashion week’s shows all the easier. Other notable mentions include Headspace for a moment’s peace or a simple game like Candy Crush to kill time between shows.

#6: A little Extra Help…

Last, but not least; sometimes, there’s just not enough coffee, exhaust fumes and humidity in a city to keep you on your feet. A little helping hand in the form of ProPlus, Berocca or an energy drink can really make all the difference when running to a 9am show following a 4am finish. Keep one of the above packed in your bag (alongside some trusty painkillers) to get you through the day after the night before.

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