PAUSE Meets: The Belgian Cool Kids

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Belgium is home to the likes of Raf Simons & Dries Van Noten, but very little is know about the emerging kids in the streetwear scene in its two major cities Antwerp and Brussels. PAUSE explores who these movers and shakers are and finds out what it’s like being a creative in Belgium right now.

Fabian Verbeke

Name: Fabian Verbeke
Age: 19
Nationality: Belgian
City: Antwerp
What’s the best part about being a creative in Belgium right now: The best part for me is that we have a lot of creatives who made their name in the city I live in. Designers like Raf and Dries inspire and motivate me to push myself further and create my own legacy.

Francis Ortega

Name: Francis Ortega
Age: 20
Nationality: Belgian/Filipino
City: Brussels
What’s the best part about being a young creative in Belgium:
The best part about being a young creative in Belgium is that I am actually surrounded by a lot of very other talented people and that’s what keeps inspiring me. I think most people become more successful when they support each other instead of being competitive. Currently, I feel blessed to be surrounded by those kind of people: very supportive and creative kids.

Bruno Agbozo

Name: Bruno Agbozo
Age: 23
Nationality: Togolese/Belgian
City: Antwerp
Best part about being a creative in Belgium: The freedom to do what you want.

Umi Defoort

Name: Umi Defoort
Age: 21
Nationality: Belgian/Japanese
City: Brussels
What’s the best part about being a creative in Belgium: For me that question can be looked at from two perspectives.

Being in Belgium makes me appreciate the beauty in the ordinary things. It’s a rather small country with a ludicrous political system, but when it comes to chocolate or beer or fashion ext… the attention to detail is second to none. That dedication to perfection is very inspiring to me and also very much reminds me of the mentality in Japan.

Being from Brussels adds a whole other dimension to that question. That’s because Brussels is a melting pot of different cultures from around the world. It’s the diplomatic capital of the European Union and it’s a transit country for a lot of destinations. So as a music-producer that helped me a whole lot, to discovering new sounds/ learn about different visions on life/ Listen to all kinds of music and eat lots of good food!

Robert Bagunda

Name: Robert Bagunda
Age: 22
City: Brussels
Nationality : Belgian/Congolese
Best part of being a young creative in Belgium: 
Brussels is a very metropolitan city. There are influences from cultures all around the world and they all come together and emerge in the Capital of Europe. The best part is getting a great mix of influences where you can get inspired from. Also, Belgium is let’s say kind of booming. Belgian artists, mostly in the domain of music or fashion are starting to get more recognition for their work. To be a part of a country that still need to be discovered by many, a country that hasn’t shown its full potential, as a young creative, can certainly be an advantage. We could be a part of a golden era.

Ignace Wirotius

Name: Ignace Wirotius
Age: 18
Nationality:  Moroccan, Italian  & Belgian
City: Antwerp
What’s the best part about being a young creative in Belgium: I know that There is a lot of potential in Belgium But not a lot of people are already doing things So I know me and my friends are on the forefront of everything based on creativity. That’s prob Why we stand out.

Isaac Pereïra Amaro

Name: Isaac Pereïra Amaro
Age: 19
Nationality: Brazilian/Belgian
City: Antwerp
What’s the best part about being a young creative in Belgium: There’s freedom to explore and really do anything you want ’cause we support each other to the max.

Timoer Nulens

Name: Timoer Nulens
Age: 20
Nationality: Belgian
Origin: half Kyrgish half Russian
City: Hasselt, but I travel allot between Brussels and Antwerp for work
Best part of being a creative in Belgium: Belgium has a long way to go for young creatives but the good thing that Belgium is small so everyone knows each other which makes it easier to collaborate or work together.

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