Inner Circle Release Deconstructed Collection

By October 26, 2017Fashion News, Sneakers

Deconstructing Iconic Filling Pieces Silhouettes.
Inner Circle – the ‘creative space’ and outlet for designers of Filling Pieces – have released their Deconstructed collection. Following a seasonless approach, the Inner Circle releases a product when the design team have something to say and have explored the central theme to its fullest. The Deconstructed collection partners with Amsterdam innovator Borre Akkersdijk of ByBoore, where the team explored working with Inner Circle’s shoe materials to think outside of the box

Cutting up the brand’s classic Low Top silhouette, and using techniques such as draping and gluing, lead the team to create a final product that is both jarring yet harmonious at the same time. Nylon webbing lace-loops are left exposed on the exterior alongside plastic paneling that gives structure to the silhouette and raw felt used as padding. A premium nubuck toe box is decoratively stitched in an unfinished way and all materials are left with raw, unfinished hems – a nod to the sneakers prototyping process which involved cutting the Low Top.

The sneaker comes in four colourways, black, grey, light grey and green with each colour corresponding to architectural industrial colour coding. Yellow and black striped cotton lacing reminiscent of hazard symbology further adds to the industrial feel.

The Inner Circle x ByBoore Deconstructed collection is available to purchase now for €300 from Filling Pieces’ website.

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